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Argumentative Writing Topics & Opposing Viewpoints 2023 - Zahn: Home

What's Your Argument


Throughout this unit, you have read, listened to, summarized, and analyzed arguments from meaningful speeches throughout American history. These speeches have sought to highlight a problem or issue present that needs to be addressed. It is now your turn to communicate a problem that you feel needs to be addressed. The goal is to take what you’ve learned about argument throughout the unit and apply it to your own argument. Below are the steps that you will take to walk you through the creation of your final product. Be sure to keep track on your work and submit each assignment by the due date to ensure timely feedback. Topics include:

  • Mental Health
  • Healthcare Reform
  • Gun Control
  • Climate Change
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Inequality
  • Education Reform
  • Free Speech and Social Media


DIRECTIONS for LIBGUIDE - Use the tabs to navigate through the your potential topics. Each tab will contain a brief overview of the topic as well as a selection of articles and other sources to use as material for research. 

GALE Opposing Viewpoints Database

TED Talk Speaker Guide