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Tech Smackdown: Technology Smackdown

Information for students and teachers: Office Mix, Plickers, Sway, Flubaroo, & PowToon

Technology Smackdown

Tech Smackdown in Action

Office Mix

Office Mix allows you to turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons or presentations. It allows you to narrate with or without video, add quizzes, app content and use screen capture. Mix is then uploaded sharing analytics with you like, grades, how long students stayed on each slide etc.  Installation is quick and easy.  The video below shows Office Mix as a tool for flipping your classroom.


To Get Office Mix on Your Home Computer:

  1. Log in to Office365 by visiting the EHS webpage.
  2. Click the words OFFICE365.
  3. You will be able to install Office 2013 from there on five of your home computers
  4. After you’ve done that (may take several hours), go to to get mix in your PowerPoint program.
  5. Make sure to log in with an ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNT. The program will be inside PowerPoint on the MIX tab.



Flubaroo is a free online tool that can help you quickly grade assignments.  It also computes average score per question and assignment, flags low scoring questions, shows grade distribution, and will send individualized feedback to each student.  The site is free will let you try Flubaroo by grading a sample assignment for you, or you can watch the demo video below.


PowToon allows users to create animated presentations that can be used as a standalone video with voiceover or as slides for an in-person presentation. It offers drag-and-drop animations and enough options to fit many different needs. With a free account, you can create videos up to 5 minutes in length and various paid accounts offer additional functionality. There is also separate pricing for students and teachers. PowToon offers a number of tutorials to help users get started with the tool and the video below gives you a sense of how it works.


Tech Smackdown in Action


Sway is an entirely different way to express yourself and bring your ideas to life. When your ideas are born, you want to explore, visualize and share them—quickly and easily, wherever you happen to be, and on whatever device you have. You want your ideas to be understood. Sway helps you do just that. It’s a new way for you to create a beautiful, interactive, web-based expression of your ideas, from your phone or browser. It is easy to share your creation and it looks great on any screen. Your ideas have no borders, edges, page breaks, cells or slides. Your mind is a continuous canvas, and Sway brings this canvas to life. Sway helps you focus on the human part: your ideas and how they relate to each other. Sway takes care of the design work—a Sway is ready to share with the world as soon as it is born.