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Mihir Garimella:"Designing the Next Generation of First Responders"

TEDxTeen 2015 NYC

Trisha Prabhu - A Solution to Cyber Bullying

"Rethink Before You Type" -Trisha Parabhu

TEDxTeen 2014 London

Rosie King - Autisim Advocate

Rosie King: 'How Autism freed me tobe Myself"

TEDTalk - Sept, 2014

Kelvin Doe - Built a radio Station for His Community Out of Recycled Materials

"Persistent Experimentation" - Kelvin Doe

TEDxTeen 2013

Richard Turere - Protect Against Lion Attacks

Richard Turere: "My invention

that made peace with lions."

TED 2013

Sophie Umazi -"Picture this Peace"

Picture this Peace: Sophie Umazi

at TEDxTeen, 2013

Mahmound Jabari - Palestinian Young Leader and Social Entrepreneur.

"Shaping a Global Lens"

- Mahmoud Jabari

TEDxTeen 2012

Lauren Singer - Environmentalist

"Why I Live a Zero Waste Life"

- Lauren Singer

TEDxTeen 2015 NYC

Memory Banda - Against Child Marriage

TEDWoman2015: A Warrior's Cry

Against Child Marriage, 5/2015 

Memory Banda

Caitlin Haacke: Ted Talk -How to Make Positity Stick

October 7, 2014 -BRITTON LEDINGHAM


David Saddington - Climate Change Communicator

"Why I Don't Care About 'Climate Change'"

- David Saddington

TEDxTeen 2014  London


David Saddington - A New Lens on Climate Change. It's a Game Changer.

Kajmere Houchins - Cancer Survivor & Anti-bully Advocate

"Opportunity, Just What the Doctor Ordered"

TEDxTeen 2014 London

Dylan Vecchione - Marine Life Protection

"Passionate QUESTioning" - Dylan Vecchione

TEDxTeen 2013

Jack Andraka - A Promising Test for Pancreatic Cancer

William Kamkwamba - How I Harnessed the Wind

Kristen Powers - Huntington's Disease

"The InnerKid Philosophy" -

Kristen Powers

TEDxTeen 2012